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    Pulse Digital


    Branding & positioning

Who Are They?

Pulse is a premium digital agency in UAE, Dubai, bringing to the audience a fine-tuned expertise that encompasses creativity and strategic thinking to revenue booming skills and a very personal and adaptable experience.

“We are the pulse of your business in the digital realm”

The Challenge

Surviving in the digital industry isn't as simple as it sounds; some try to cope with change and fail, while others maintain their identity in the end, none will withstand severe competition.

Pulse Digital, on the other hand, didn't just want to survive the transition; they wanted to be ahead of it. They came to us with one request: don’t allow us to lose our identity and become like any other new fish in the sea.


The Solution

At the heart of the technological world and the pulse that radiates through the digital market, the Fisheye Solutions team decided to create an abstract of the actual pulse. We decided on red as their colour right away because it stands for blood, energy, strength, and passion.

All of these attributes have been combined to produce a straightforward yet creative design that captures their brand's essence.

That wasn’t the end of it. As usual, we took a step back to see things from a wider perspective. We had to ensure that the same pure energy and force you’d expect from their products are also revealed in each of the distinctive set of designs; the soul of the brand resonating in each element.

Stationary & Advertisements





The Result

The impact Pulse’s work had on the digital industry is still a remarkable feat to this day and the company has been maintaining a steady growth spurt ever since. We could have laid low, instead we kept the Pulse beating at a steady pace.