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Who Are They?

Marlyn's is a new, chic induced spot bringing you joyful picks of the best European cuisine dishes. They provide an exceptional experience for those who seek excellence & class in every bite.

The Challenge

There are individuals who go to a restaurant to enjoy distinctive taste, outstanding service or even an enjoyable atmosphere, but yet there are others who seek the best of both worlds.

Marlyn wanted to bring this one-of-a-kind blend home, so we immediately prepared and began looking for a means to do so.

The Solution

The same euphoric feeling when you bite into a heavenly dish had to be reflected in our designs.

During our deliberations, we concluded that we are emphasizing the "classy feel," and that highlighting this feature is important for the restaurant's ambience. We chose the floral design as a result because it resonates the elegance that the restaurant desires to maintain.

According to our fisheye perspective, we used the flower design on all of the menus, photos, and social media. Since we frequently eat with our eyes, everything had to seem appealing.




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The Result

The floral essence became the talk of the town, and the feedback was full of customers striving to hit the seats of the restaurant again. We have also gathered a sample of the customer’s feedback and noticed that their experience in the restaurant matched the brand Fisheye advertised.