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    Lino Oats


    Branding, Packaging & Social Media

Who Are They?

In 2015 oat-based products were not common in the Egyptian market, 4A Nutrition took the initiative to introduce Lino Oats with the privilege of being the first inspiring, innovative, and trustworthy Egyptian market leader in providing genuine oat-based products.


The Challenge

Isn't it true that everyone wishes to appear and feel younger and healthier? Yes, but as soon as we start hearing about the nutritious food that follows, we begin to feel less and less inspired.

That's the thing about oat meals— they're not just for gym addicts or triathlon stars; they're for everyone, especially when the taste is as amazing and diversified as Lino.

But how can Lino be promoted as the real deal while dispelling the myth that it is a healthy food? How can a marketing plan be developed that will appeal to both passionate athletes and others who simply wish to live a healthy lifestyle? Well, those difficulties are what drew Fisheye to work on this project in the first place.

The Solution

Call it perfectionism or integrity, but we appreciate testing the product first. After tasting the oats in the office, we had a clear vision and direction on how to reflect the USPs into their brand name, packaging, and social media so as to advertise their flavors wisely.

We don’t just design from the surface up, we value passion. After extensive research in the Egyptian market, we concluded that orange was the ideal color for the packaging as it exerts the color of energy and excitement.
The orange colour was also rare amongst the products already on the shelves and could stand-out in the midst of the competition.


The Result

Now Lino is the leader of the oat industry in Egypt. It continues to maintain a high level of awareness to meet the objectives of staying ahead of competition, further growing market share, and increasing oat consumption.

To say the least, we helped Lino conquer the market by inspiring communities and connecting people to nutritious lifestyles, where flavor and quality remain above all in addition to making people's life more nutritious and easier than before while delivered a very simple mission " Eat Good, Feel Good"