• client :

    Ismail Pacha



Who Are They?

Ismail Pacha is a specialty burger shop that offers its customers premium, fresh meat formed into mouth-watering burgers. Its diversified menu gives the shop a strong competitive edge in today’s market.

The Challenge

Expansion was Ismail Pacha’s main objective, but when your business operates in a crowded market with intense competition and unbiased consumer feedback, it’s really overwhelming.

The brand image of Ismail Pacha needed to be convincingly modified in order to differentiate itself from competition without alienating existing customers.

The Solution

Fisheye redesigned the logo while maintaining the restaurant's original bold, striking appearance. We did, however, give it an extra flavour by modifying the logo mark and color to be adaptable for both English and Arabic versions.

The Arabic and English versions reflect both the culture in which the shop operates and the level of excellence that loyal customers to Ismail Pacha expect.

A brand’s personality is much more than just a logo or slogan... the Fisheye treatment entails that we work on it as a human entity as well. Therefore, we dove even deeper to come up with the brand persona on the shop’s packaging, in-store branding, and the uniforms


Logo options

  • cmyk 174 99 0
  • Rgb 234 92 17
  • HEX #EA5C11
  • cmyk 51 59 68 66
  • Rgb 72 55 41
  • HEX #483729


The Result

The main objective was met, as now customers can taste Ismail Pasha’s uniqueness across the region. But branding was never really about just attracting masses, we brought in Ismail Pasha's intended audience.