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    International Aviation Business


    Rebranding & Website

Who Are They?

IAB is one of the leading aviation companies in the world. Founded in 1979, IAB has been offering a wide and diversified array of aviation services at Egyptian airports for the past forty years. They provide different services such as representation and permits, passenger services, catering, ramp services, maintenance, aviation security, cargo services, crew support, fuel and global flight support.

The Challenge

First, we must take in consideration how quickly the world is changing. It’s scary but exciting. Keeping up with this progress and cross-cultural exchange is a difficult process. For over a decade, IAB has been involved in this expansion, but everything is destined to change, and IAB chose to take the initiative to get a jump start.

The Solution

To start, our research team gathered a generalized insight about aviation business in Egypt in order to develop a creative approach that differentiates IAB from its rivals. Adjusting the logo was our concept to modernize the company’s image, aiming to align the company with the current model of the market.

Usually, our ideas spread to the farthest outreach of the ocean. The red hue was chosen to reflect the energy and life that traveling brings, while the blue color represents the trust and loyalty that the passengers tend to have in the organization.

The aspects that helped us rebrand IAB to reflect the modern era of aviation included a rebranded logo, a well-designed corporate guideline, a dynamic website, and an enhanced social media presence.

Brand Guidelines

The logo type and symbols conform to the basic principles of the overall identity. It’s important that these proportion are not altered in any way.

type face

color palette

Branding & stationery

IAB uniform


website design


The Result