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Who Are They?

Born in Toronto, HRBrain is an innovative IT recruiting organization that delivers customized, end-to-end workforce solutions to Canada’s leading firms and organizations.

HRBrain focuses on creating contingent, customized staffing solutions for their clients to ensure clients are getting the talent they need to progress their business, while prioritizing the professional progression of their candidates.

“Providing you with the brightest”

The Challenge

Recruitment and contract staffing companies aren’t anything new, especially in the ICT field in Canada. Before coming up with any spontaneous ideas, we decided to let our research team work their magic and analyse all the strength points of HRBrain’s business model.

As always, they came back with very interesting insights and conclusive data. The methods HRBrain use in their recruitment are so advanced and way ahead of the competition. After all, HRBrain follows a philosophy that means so much more than just finding a candidate for a company.

We don’t just find a place for you to work, we find a place for you to thrive.

The Solution

With dangerous minds driving the project goals coupled with a talented design team on the steering wheel, Fisheye designed a logo that reflects HRBrain’s mission, vision, and core values. They wanted a simple, professional yet classy logo that speaks directly to their clientele. HRBrain provides an endless loop of talented candidates to businesses in a multitude of industries; therefore, universal imagery is a fitting imagination for the logo.

We also created a dynamic website that doesn’t just raise awareness about the brand’s services, but also enables the company to add job posting for candidates. We added a technical section dedicated to IT professionals which contain related blogs and other industry-related announcements.

To be consistent with the slogan, “Providing You with the Brightest,” we also applied the same formula when creating the luminous designs for their social media platforms, website, company profile and brand identity.

light Bulb


Ideas, skills,


Talents, brains,

The brightest ideas spark when great minds meet together.



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Business Card

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Company Profile

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The Result

HRBrain has proudly directed applicants and clients to their website. They continue to present themselves professionally and efficiently. Over the years, Fisheye has been granted more work, as it resonated with the IT market. Last but not least, many people came to know HRBrain by reading the blogs which resulted in international recognition with a large base of followers.