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    Cater Mate


    Branding & Positioning

Who Are They?

CaterMate is a catering service founded by two Lebanese mothers who love to cook and want to put their heart in every dish they make. The company provides daily and weekly delicious homemade Egyptian American and Lebanese meals.


The Challenge

As with any culinary service or product, the most difficult element is always delivering the taste that the consumer expects. While some describe the taste with words or graphics, we do so by storytelling!

The story of two mothers who see cooking as a passion rather than a profession, giving their hearty dishes a warmth one might desire after a long day's work.

The Solution

After a long, unproductive day of office eating, we fully imagined how the brand should taste, look and feel. We thoroughly “tested” every single dish the company offered, and came up with a “hands-on” strategy for CaterMate in the most delicious way possible.

CaterMate's two founders truly care about every single mother and her kids; they believe no matter how exhausted you are, moms should always feed their family the best, most scrumptious and appetizing meals. We made the decision to identify ourselves as a kitchen partner rather than a company in order to gain the mother’s trust of ideal nourishment for their loved ones.

In order to convey warmth in both physical and figurative senses, our creative designers emphasized the logo with the color red. They then created CaterMate's packaging boxes, stationary, as well as a unique doodle pattern to leave an everlasting impression throughout their brand identity.


Queulat Soft Regular

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Doodling Pattern

Delivery Scooter Box

Letterhead Design

The Result

With the help of their new identity, CaterMate was able to gain the recognition they deserve and managed to attract customers with their unique packaging, logo, and stationary. CaterMate is now providing love across the country through home-cooked meals.