Branding, Positioning
    & Packaging

Who Are They?

ADIO is an Egyptian premium CSD “Carbonated Soft Drink” that targets the cool, yet real people that live their life the way they want, which explains their Motto “Cut the Crap”.

Adio comes in Ginger Ale, Mojito, and Cola Lime flavors along with other fruity flavors instead of the usual Cola, Lemon, and Orange carbonated drinks flavors you’d find in the market.


The Brief

ADIO wanted to create new brand that reflects the above-mentioned characteristics, as he is the Egyptian, righteous, truthful and humble kid, who is real to himself before being to anyone else, the kid that creates his own world. ADIO were looking to reflect the past with the value of the future by creating modern packaging for their 3 flavors (Ginger Ale, Mojito, Cola Lime) along with their marketing materials.

The Challenge

There are two types of dreamers: those who went over the moon with a lousy concept, and those who have an authentic idea and a storyline, but need the correct approach to publicly market it.

Adio happens to fall in the second category; they had a unique product that was meticulously crafted and tailored for the target audience. The only missing part of Adio’s success equation was how to brand it creatively amongst the Egyptian market in a way that does this distinctive blend justice.

The Solution

To bring this unique combination to life, our research team traveled back in time to revive the old Egyptian culture and connect it to Adio's future. They returned back with an ostrich feather, which was added to the logo in order to symbolize the authenticity of the company with the truth of the Egyptian Goddess.

And to express the youthful and futuristic side of the brand, our design team chose neon pop colours because they represent the exciting and entertaining lifestyle that our young target audience leads while also representing the bubbly and energetic side of Adio as a product.

Additionally, Fisheye created the brand logo, packaging designs, and even the whole brand guidelines. The logo and designs for Adio were thoroughly tested and adapted by involving a sample of Adio’s target market in a focus group setting.


The ostrich feather is the emblem of the Egyptian Goddess embodying justice, Ma’at. Egyptians believed that at the time of death, the feather is to be weighed against the heart of the deceased. Then we started creating the brand’s look and feel, through designing the brand’s labels along with the rest of marketing materials.

Today, we have a story to tell.
A story that reflects the past and transcends values of the future.

A story about vision and passion.
From the heart of conflicts, rises a new hope.

The ostrich feather is the emblem of the Egyptian Goddess, Ma’at, embodying justice. Egyptians believed that at the time of death, the feather would be weighed against the heart of the deceased.

A heart made heavy by sins, outweighed the feather and was devoured by the monster Ammit, but a light heart meant the individual was free from sin and entitled to join Osiris in the underworld.

The origin of the phrase “light hearted.”





The Colors




The Iconography


The Labels

The Posters

The Result

The youthful individuals were impressed by Adio, as the product they were holding in their hands reflected their lively personality and way of life. The product was also popular among those who were not in the target age group due to the appreciation of Adio's "cool identity.”

Adio was born right in front of our eyes, and has grown so much expanding rapidly in the Egyptian market. We are delighted to have built this project from the ground-up.